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Sig Sauer P365 Holster and Mag Pouch Combo - OWB Leather Belt Holster

Sig Sauer P365 Holster and Mag Pouch Combo - OWB Leather Belt Holster

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Handcrafted using premium, breathable Cow-Hide leather.

Reinforced double-stitching and handcrafting by generations of leather artisans.

Forward cant for a ride that sits close to the body and feels natural.

Open muzzle design

Custom molding with liners that protect pistol bluing.

Compact design and easy to conceal.

The unique cut allows a full combat grip yet safely covers the trigger guard.

Mag position won’t interfere with drawing or re-holster

1 ¾” wide belt slots that fit with any standard gun belt.

Available in right and left-handed (if available)

Your choice of black or brown (if available)
* Picture may differ from the actual pistol


A holster with a magazine pouch is a type of holster that includes a separate pouch for carrying an additional magazine or ammunition. This type of holster is designed to provide added convenience and accessibility for firearms users who need to reload quickly and easily in high-stress situations.
Overall, a holster with a magazine pouch is a practical and convenient choice for firearms users who want to carry both their weapon and an additional magazine in a secure and easily accessible manner.

- Material

Cowhide leather is a commonly used material for producing leather goods due to its durability and strength. Our Holsters are made from the hides of cows, which are processed and tanned to create a durable, flexible material.
Our high-quality cowhide leather is characterized by its softness, uniformity, and natural grain patterns. It is also resistant to tearing, cracking, and abrasion.

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